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How to join Valentine Singers

Valentine Singers rehearse from 7.30 to 9.45 on Friday evenings during term time at Seven Kings High School. 494 Ley Street, Ilford IG2 7BT. See map All prospective members are invited to attend at least one rehearsal before being given a short, informal audition.

Don't be put off by this!
The idea is to ensure that all singers are ready to take part in this sort of choral work and to offer advice re training or experience that would be helpful, where appropriate. It also gives the musical director the opportunity to get to know individual singers and their particular strengths. If you think you would like to join please contact us.

Am I good enough?
Auditions are used to ascertain whether voices will fit in (blend, tuning etc.) and whether singers are able to master the musical material that they have been learning in choir rehearsals.  Music-reading and sight-singing are not essential but members are encouraged to develop these skills.

Why not come along and give it a try?
If you are still not sure come along to one of our regular Open Rehearsals to join in and see what it is like.

Open Rehearsals

Valentine Singers frequently hold Open Rehearsals, usually at the start of each term.

Singers and listeners are welcome to come along and sample a Friday evening with Christine, Tim and the choir. 


People attend for a wide variety of reasons -

  • to find out what happens at a rehearsal

  • because they are interested in joining a choir sometime

  • to see if they would like to join Valentine Singers - or to attend concerts given by the choir

  • just to sing for fun for an evening - maybe whilst they are unable to make a regular commitment to the choir

  • out of curiosity!

Any singers who are interested in joining the choir are then encouraged to attend the following rehearsal and, if appropriate, to attend further sessions and to undergo an informal, friendly audition, so that Christine can get to know them and their voice better. Most singers then go on to be 'probationary' members for a term or so and, later, full members.  Any singer who comes to audition but isn't yet ready for this sort of choral work will be given ideas and advice about possible training and other assistance. 

Click here to find details of our next Open Rehearsal

Please contact us to let us know you are coming.

Probationary Members 
New members are "probationary" for their first term; there will then be an opportunity to discuss progress and to check whether singers have been placed within the most appropriate voice part etc. Very occasionally, singers may not be fitting in, or not coping, and they may be invited to reapply after further training.


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